..Expanding Horizons

Business Expansion Services

We provide business partnership services to enterprises interested in pursuing business growth initiatives. Orbit9 offers to help you through your expansion plans by taking over the responsibility right from lead generation to closing the deal and after sales support of level 1 and level 2.

Our experts have over 10 years of marketing and product management experience, creating successful strategies for business growth. Business growth specialties include conducting strategic partnership and product’s outreach expansion activities for IT Solutions Companies.

It takes three simple steps to take your business to new heights :-


Product review

It includes review of product/services offered, scope of expansion and detailed analysis of its value addition to the end users

Partnership Agreement

It includes preparing the expansion plan, documenting the terms and conditions, deciding the locations, setting up the revenue sharing model and signing of the agreement.

Sales and Support

It includes the outreach by Orbit9 on its own, selling the products/services and providing after sales support to the client for their day-to-day queries.